Saturday, 29 December 2012

Hair Resolution

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In the past few months I lost a lot of hair which I attribute to postpartum hair loss. The last time I relaxed my hair in November, the stylist pointed out that I had ONLY new growth in some parts of my hair.

I have really neglected my hair in the last few months since having a baby. Although truth be told my hair care regimen before baby was very basic and not nurturing in anyway. I never seemed to be able to grow hair past neck length for the past two years.

A few weeks before I had my baby I had afokinky twists done and kept that for about 8 weeks. When I took that off, my hair had finally grown to shoulder length which I know now was helped by pregnancy hormones,  the protective style and relaxer stretching.

Now my hair is limp and generally unhealthy after breakage and hairloss. This has led me to take away control of my hair from the stylist and I have been educating myself on relaxed hair care.

I have started a healthy hair journey and I resolve to take better care of my hair, be mindful of what I put on it in order to grow back a full head of hair.

Wish me luck :)

Friday, 28 December 2012

Welcome to The Mindful Hair Care Blog

Welcome to my blog, the mindful hair care blog! The purpose of this blog is to serve as a place to record my healthy hair journey (HHJ). My name is Beeba and I'm on a quest to have, maintain and grow healthy hair. My hair is relaxed, currently at neck length after experiencing a set back.

In the last few month, I have been learning about relaxed hair care and have discovered this entire hair community online that really surprised me. I must say from the blogs and online forums I have been inspired by the lengths a lot of ladies have been able to achieve with their hair. Bra-strap length, mid back length, hip length, I was truly moved to take better care of my hair.

My hair care practices have previously been virtually non-existent, I straightened my neck length hair regularly, almost daily at times. I am turning over a new leaf, I have decided to be more mindful of my hair and what I do to it and I want to record my journey as I go along, hence this blog. I hope as I learn someone out there can learn something as well.

Happy Healthy Hair Journey!