Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Hair Care Basics: Cleansing (Part II)

Here's the second part of the series on hair and scalp cleansing

How to shampoo
Shampoo should be applied to the scalp and not hair! There is always the general misconception that it needs to be applied to the hair strands in order to cleanse but this not the case.

The actual cleansing action is initiated by the massaging movement of the pads of the fingers. After much trial the method I have found to work for me is to rinse first with water while gently massage my scalp with the pads of my fingers before proceeding to apply shampoo to the scalp and repeating the massaging action.
Shampoo does not have to be applied to hair strands; the run off of the shampoo is enough to cleanse the hair strands. 

No Shampoo Cleansing Methods
There are several other cleansing methods that do not involve the use of shampoo and we look at a few below;

Water-Only Method: this involves the use of only water to cleanse; basically the movement of the pads of the fingers agitates and dislodges the dirt which is then rinsed off. This method would only work with a regimen that does not involve the use of non-water soluble silicones, heavy creams and oils.

Baking Soda Cleansing: there are several available recipes for the use of baking soda as a cleansing again. Typically a few tablespoons of baking soda are diluted with water and applied to the hair and used in the same way conventional shampoo would be used.

Conditioner Washing: this is commonly referred to as co-washing; it involves the use of conditioner (most often a light runny rinse-out conditioner) to cleanse the hair. The idea behind this is that conditioners contain cleansing agents and this in addition to the action of using the fingers to dislodge the dirt would serve to effectively cleanse the hair. With the growing prevalence of co-washing, there are now conditioners available that are labelled as cleansing conditioners.

Mud Washing: There are several formulations that involve the use of clays, most common is Bentonite Clay to detoxify and cleanse the hair.

Points to remember
  • Which ever cleansing methods being used, ensure to use the pads of the fingers in a massaging action on the scalp.
  •  Longer hair is best washed in sections to prevent tangling.
  •  It is important to examine the ingredients of your shampoo to check for the presence of sulfates (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate, Ammonium Lauthreth Sulfate)
  • Sulfate shampoos are drying to the hair and it is not advised to use these weekly.

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