Friday, 18 January 2013

Hair Babble: The Moisture Edition

- I'm still very pleased with my big chop (if I'm permitted to call it that). I guess I was just prepared and knew it was necessary.
- I'm struggling to keep my hair moisturised; it feels great after a wash or co-wash and moisturizing and sealing session but after a few hours it gets dry and coarse. It must be due to the kinky type (4c I think) of hair I have. I've tried spritzing in-between moisturizing sessions with a mixture of water, my vitale liquid leave-in and coconut oil.
- I plan to incorporate humectants into my routine; I used honey this week as part of my deep conditioning mixture. I hope to see changes when I begin to use it regularly. I also plan to purchase glycerin ASAP, I have read good reports of its moisturizing qualities for (natural) hair.
- I want to try the LOC method of moisturizing, maybe it will be a more effective moisturizing method.
- Lastly, I've been on a lot of natural hair blogs and they make me want to stay natural, however I want to commit first to being relaxer-free for six months then see where I go from there. Six months Makes sense for me anyway because I don't like the look of uber short relaxed hair.

Have a stress-free weekend!

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