Monday, 28 January 2013

Wash Day Diaries: a sweet treat for my hair

I had a busy weekend; on Saturday I had to organize a women's event in my church and that took the whole day. I would normally have done a co-wash and deep treatment on Saturday but I had to skip that because I rushed out of the house.

I decided to do a honey and coconut oil prepoo; for the past week I've been adding honey and evoo to my deep conditioners and decided to try it as a prepoo. I had run out of EVOO so I used coconut oil and honey, along with some grapeseed and castor oil, covered with a plastic bag and shower cap and left on for about 30mins.

I shampoo once a week and did so this wash day, I still haven't bought a sulfate free shampoo and still use ORS creamy aloe shampoo. I diluted it with water, some coconut oil and V05 anti-breakage conditioner.

Deep conditioner
For the deep conditioning treatment I applied organix Moroccan Argan oil intense moisturizing treatment, covered with a plastic bag, a warm towel and a shower cap over that. I left that on and proceeded with breakfast, house chores and playing with my baby. I finally rinsed it out when my son went down for his nap.

Drying and leave-in
Air dried, after using a cotton tee for a few minutes. My leave-in conditioner went on and then following a LCO method; I applied water based cream ORS hairepair anti-breakage cream and sealed with Grapeseed oil.

Can I say my hair 'thanked' me for this lol, Hair felt very soft afterwards. I think the honey prepoo is something I would aim to continue.

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