Monday, 2 September 2013

Hair dairies: Relaxer preparation

One vital aspect of a healthy hair journey, I feel, is RESEARCH. it is important to research products, techniques etc when it concerns your hair. In preparing to relax my hair I read several blogs, articles and watched a few YouTube videos. The most important resource that had a wealth of information, properly explained, was the book; The Science of black hair. Seriously, this is my hair bible, I bought it late last year when I started taking better care of my hair and I keep referring back to it. 

I took down my weave on Monday and proceeded to;

1. clarify with ORS creamy aloe shampoo
2. protein treatment with ORS Hair Mayonnaise
3. Air dry
4. Apply leave-in, moisturise and seal. 

These are also the (part of) same steps recommended upon taking down any protective styles such as braids which have kept the hair hidden for a period if time. 

Due to the fact I that I had the weave on for almost 6 weeks I had a considerable amount of shed hair and I was on the look out for breakage. I did have a little breakage but thankfully nothing drastic. I did not follow up the protein treatment with a moisturizing conditioner judging by the way my hair felt. I proceeded to air dry and decided to blow dry and flat iron as well.

The flat ironing happened the following day, using the ORS heat protectant. The results weren't impressive as I discovered I would need ALOT of heat to get my type 4 hair straight and silky. However it served the purpose of stretching out the hair for my relaxer application. 
I put my hair in 2 big braids and proceeded to countdown to my relaxer application...


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