Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Relaxer update

I relaxed my hair on monday (26/08) and followed these steps;
-Properly based the scalp with Vaseline
-Mixed relaxer (ORS no-lye) leaving one-fourth of the activator liquid unused and added one tablespoon of Olive oil.
-Applied relaxer in sections, smoothen but did not comb through
-Rinsed thoroughly with warm water
-Mid-step protein treatment using Motions CPR Protein Reconstructor for 30 mins
-Rinsed and applied ORS creamy aloe shampoo; left in for 5 mins, rinsed and repeated 2 more times leaving shampoo to sit for 5 and 2 mins respectively.
-Deep condition with ORS replenishing conditioner and coconut oil.

- No scalp burns (yay!), I only felt tingling when I was smoothing around the front (an area that had been itching all week).
- Successfully texlaxed; My hair is not bone straight as shown below. The pictures below were taken on friday after co-washing, this is air-dried hair with no product applied.

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