Friday, 9 January 2015

Wash Day Diaries: First wash of 2015

Happy New Year!

I wish everyone the very best this year, may it be a fulfilling year in every aspect of all our lives. 

My year started on a low note as I had an accident at home on the 31st of December; I slipped and fell in the bathroom...ouch! I was in hospital most of the day as I had some pains around my left ribs. I am much better now and was finally able to wash my hair today.

I had intended to do a length check on the 31st but obviously could not. I will do so at a later time.

Back to my wash day;

I am still working on my detangling routine, experimenting to see what works best for my transitioning hair. I finger detangled, however there were very few knots in my hair as I had detangled with a brush as few days earlier. I detangle my relaxed ends with oil and spritz a mixture of water and conditioner to detangle my natural hair.

The thing about this wash day was that it was very impromptu, I didn't like the condition my hair was in so I suddenly decided to wash. I proceeded to prepoo with coconut oil on my strands and scalp and covered with a shower cap. I did this on Thursday morning and kept it on all day and overnight.

When I checked my hair in the middle of the day, it felt well moisturized which was what I was aiming for with this wash day due to the current dry weather.


I shampooed using my Creme of nature argan oil sulfate free shampoo. My normal process is a through rinse my scalp and hair with just water before applying shampoo to my scalp.

Instant Conditioning
I intended to do a moisturizing deep condition but I realised I have run out of conditioner! (poor planning) and I didn't want to use Aphogee 2 min reconstructor. I wanted to mix up something using what I had at home, but ruled out using honey and a conditioner with some oils as I am not using honey due to the current dry weather. (Reason: honey is a humecant that draws moisture from the atmposphere, however in dry conditions such as we are having at the moment it is apparently not advisable to use honey. I guess as there is no moisture in the atmposphere, it kind of defeats the purpose)
I did a quick instant condition with Tresemme Naturals Conditioner, as my hair felt quite moisturized as  result of the extra long prepoo with Coconut Oil.

Leave in conditioning
After rinsing out the Tresemme conditioner, I wrapped in a cotton shirt and left it to air-dry for a few minutes before applying Cantu Shea Butter Argan Oil leave in conditioner and sealing with Coconut Oil.

Nothing fancy; I planned to flat twist but after the routine I had no time for that and my kids needed my attention so I gathered my hair in a high 'bun' and proceeded with my day.

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