Thursday, 2 May 2013

Hair Update and plans

I realized I have not posted an update on my hair recently and decided to post one. I had box braids done around the second week in March and took them out on the 21st of April after a little over 6 weeks.

I was a bit worried about my edges because the braider made them too tight and I had to take down the edges after a couple of days. Overall, my hair thrived even with my being lazy with hair care.

I have a three new products added to my arsenal; ORS replenishing conditioner, cantu Shea butter leave-in and (finally!) a sulfate free shampoo, CON Argan oil moisture and shine shampoo.

Last weekend I decided to protective style for a few months, I'm thinking three months, because it is something that has always worked for me. In line with this I am starting a personal protective styling challenge and will provide more details on that in a separate post.

For the next month my protective style will be wigs. The wig I am currently wearing is a short one with bangs shown in the picture below.


  1. Hi. I would love to know where exactly you got your ORS replenishing conditioner. Thanks.

    1. Hi Nafisat. I got it from a store inside Unilag, Yem-Yem; however I have also seen this at Shoprite (lag) as well. ORS products are pretty accessible here in lag/NG so I'm sure you will be able to find it where hair care products are sold. I got it for N910 by the way. Hope this helps.
      Thanks for visiting the blog x

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